Our Voice Our Choice – First Meeting of 2018

We started with a catch-up session about what we had done at Christmas. Last year we helped with some research about making decisions. So we talked about what the research has found out and then we had a discussion about making decisions. Hard decisions ‘saying no or stopping something’ ‘to move home’ ‘about work and interviews’ ‘talk to […]

Down2Earth group – A busy meeting

Down2Earth are back from their summer break! At our September meeting we welcomed four new members, along with two new volunteers. We had a nice catch up, sharing stories, photographs and souvenirs from our holidays. Down2Earth members had travelled, explored and learned lots of new things over the summer. People had visited lots of places […]

What is Having A Voice?

‘Having a Voice’ is an advocacy project dedicated to giving people with Down’s syndrome a platform to have their say. It is the only project of its kind in the country. We are setting up new ‘Having a Voice’ groups across the country, providing opportunities to meet new people, share experiences and get involved with […]