Living in Wales and being bilingual

By Jane Mcilveen, Ruth Thomas and Sara Pickard Jane, who is our Development Officer in North Wales, introduces the experiences of two people with Down’s syndrome speaking Welsh and English… I have worked for the DSA in North Wales for five years. I moved here from England in 1998. I knew people spoke Welsh in […]

Information round-up – July 2017

An edited list of links to useful resources from other organisations: New EHCP animations from Independent Support With support from DfE, Independent Support has produced two short animation films, which can be used by local authorities, front-line services, professionals and parent groups in their communications with parents and young people. They explain the Education, Health […]

Research into Sibling Relationships: “The Lived Experience of having a Sibling with Intellectual Disabilities”.

by Jackie Kelly, registered learning disability Nurse and Academic working at the University of Hertfordshire Hello, my name is Jackie Kelly I am a registered learning disability Nurse and Academic working at the University of Hertfordshire, (UH). For my PhD I am looking at sibling relationships where one child in the family has a learning disability. […]

Tell It Right – Public Health England survey

As part of the work that Public Health England are doing to improve information and training about screening tests, they are reviewing and updating the booklet Screening Tests for You and Your Baby. You can find the existing document on by clicking here. This is the booklet given to all pregnant women and provides […]

Adult Social Care Series – new resources on their way

We are currently working on a new addition to our adult social care series. The new factsheet will help adults with Down’s syndrome (18+) and their supporters prepare for Needs Assessments and Carers Assessments in England. Local authorities complete Needs Assessments to work out how much care and support a person needs to live their day-to-day life. […]

Direct payments are working for Heidi

by Liz, Heidi’s mum You might have read my article regarding independent living in the DSA’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Journal. Fast forward a few months and things are totally different! We were recommended a charity that enables people with learning disabilities to live independently, but we realised very quickly that their idea of “supporting and enabling” […]

Information round-up – May 2017

An edited list of links to useful resources from other organisations The Emotional Impact of Dementia on Everyone, MacIntyre Dementia Project (13 April 2017) The MacIntyre Dementia Project has made some videos about dementia. About 1 in 5 people with a learning disability who are over the age of 65 will develop dementia. The videos […]