An anxious week | Kate’s Blog

This has been an anxious week as dad was in hospital. We were expecting him home on Wednesday but he finally came home on Thursday evening. We were all pleased to see him. My older sister came from Finchley to visit. She brought her dog Tilly with her. Tilly is a border terrier and is […]

Father’s Days | Kate’s blog

Last week we watched Small Island, a play filmed last year at the National Theatre. It was an incredible story with wonderful acting. Father’s Day lots of cards arrived and it was spent here with us all pleased to see four relatives who brought an afternoon tea. We had scones, jam and cream and cakes […]

Global meeting with DSi | Kate’s Blog

  My week includes similar activities such as dance and exercising. Speaking to my friends on the phone, reading, gardening, housework and some cooking! The interesting exceptions was when I was asked to join a Zoom meeting with Down Syndrome International. Questions were asked to all of us from the Nepal, Mongolia, Tanzania and me […]

Week 10 of Lockdown | Kate’s Blog

This is week 10 of the lockdown. Looking back I have spent many hours on Zoom, exercising, dancing and acting. After two family quiz’s, singing and talking, these were my favourite times. The glorious weather, apart from short walks, our garden is where I spent most of the time. I have even got a bit […]

My Filming Experience…

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor A  member of staff from Baked Bean told me about being in The Crown and I  said yes. I  love to that’s how I knew about it. I  spoke to all the helpers and the crew they were friendly people. I was looking forward to everything was very excited […]