Nurses | Kate’s blog

This week my sister who is a nurse, came to visit for two days so I loved the story of 5 year old Amelia who posed for photos to celebrate international nurses day. This photo was entered in the Hold Still competition which was sponsored by the Duchess of Cambridge and the national portrait gallery. […]

The last of the tomatoes | Kate’s blog

I went to my usual activities this week. I traveled by minibus wearing a mask and gloves. The trip is taking longer than before due to the traffic which seems to be getting back to normal. I picked the last of the tomatoes in our garden this week. We have lovely tomatoes! Most of the […]

Hot weather | Kate’s blog

During this very hot weather it is very important to drink plenty of water when I go to my various activities I always carry a bottle of water with me. One of my daily jobs is to fill the bird bath with clean water. The birds love it and its wonderful to see them splashing […]

Invited to the Vatican | Kate’s blog

I am continuing going to my groups via a mini bus which is fine except one day last week the bus did not pick me up! Oh well, there are bound to be some hiccups along the way! We had some exciting news this week. Next march the dance group I belong too, the Larondina […]