Blue Badge entitlement changes

Currently Those who received automatic entitlement to a blue badge because they were awarded DLA mobility under the SMI criteria, no longer automatically qualified for it once they moved to PIP because there was no criteria for behavioural issues. To qualify, people needed at least 8 points from the ‘moving around’ section. Many of our […]

Universal Credit and students

In order to be awarded Universal Credit (UC), a student must be entitled to Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment and also have limited capability for work. They would therefore need to satisfy the work capability assessment (WCA). Universal credit is means tested so if they have savings between £6,000-£16,000, it will affect the […]

Blue Badge News

The Government has clarified the blue badge criteria. Many of our members who previously received automatic entitlement to a blue badge (because they were awarded DLA mobility under the SMI criteria), no longer qualified for it once they moved to PIP because there is no criteria for behavioural issues. The requirement (for automatic blue badge) […]

Government publish Universal Credit update

The Government have published updated information about Universal Credit (UC) and who can claim it. Universal credit will eventually replace current means-tested benefits such as income related ESA & JSA,  Housing benefit, Child Tax Credit, Income support and Working Tax Credit. If you are currently in receipt of any of these benefits, you do […]

ESA Benefits News

For those moved over from incapacity benefit to contribution based ESA between 2011-2014.  The DWP have published their written statement about ESA. Many of you will already be receiving income related ESA, some may be receiving contribution based ESA because you are better off on this, (you have savings of over £16,000 which would exclude […]

ESA and UC changes: fewer assessments for our members?

You may remember that some-time ago there was some talk of changes being made to the assessment process for people with severe disabilities. On 10 October 2016 Damian Green, who was the Work and Pensions Secretary at that time, issued a statement announcing that only those “who have already been placed in the Employment and […]

Benefits news – March 2017

By Helen Wild, a Benefits/Welfare Helpline Adviser, Information Team ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) : work related activity component ends for new claimants from 4 April 2017 If your daughter/son claims ESA, you will be aware that it is made up of components including: Work related activity component Support component The majority of our members are […]