Hear Me by George Bowman

I am George and apparently I have Down’s syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am nearly 15 years old and I am loved. My daddy comes into my bedroom every morning chanting my name. I love that man so much. I love his whole face. He helps me out of bed and puts me on the […]

Dual Diagnosis Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Down’s syndrome (DS): Journal articles

Screen grabs of some of the Journal articles about ASC/DS

Our bi-annual Journal contains news, resources, information on benefits, features, profiles of groups, research, stories by our members and book reviews. We have collected together relevant articles on Dual Diagnosis Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Down’s syndrome (DS). The collection includes several family’s experience of dual diagnosis as well as background information. Click here to download the articles. […]

Dual Diagnosis Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Down’s syndrome (DS): Why do I need another label for my child?

In the past many professionals considered a dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Down’s syndrome (DS) to be uncommon if not impossible.  One of the reasons for this may have been the persistent stereotype of people with DS as friendly, affectionate with outgoing personalities. We now know that the two conditions can and […]

Our Megan

By Megan’s Mum When I look at our Megan these days most of the time I see a happy, smiley fifteen year old girl content in herself. She loves to dance, sing and dress up; her favourite song is “Lord of the Dance”…amongst others! She adores being the centre of attention and is very happy […]

Paul Isaacs Presentation at the DSA April 2015

Parents told us at previous ASC/DS meetings for families they would really like to hear from someone about what it is like to live with autism, so we arranged for Paul Isaacs (Autism Oxford) to visit DSA and talk about his life. Paul was very clear from the start that he could only talk about […]

Autism spectrum condition, complex needs and visual resources

a word board

By Gillian Bird, Services Director Autism spectrum condition  Thank you to the support groups who helped to advertise the ‘Understanding dual diagnosis of Down’s syndrome and autism spectrum condition’ training days for parents and professionals in Manchester on 30 April and 1 May’. The level of interest was so high that the event for professionals was fully […]


by Ava’s Mum      Ava is 12 years old and has Down’s syndrome and an Autistic spectrum condition. She is in year 7 at a mainstream high school. Last month my husband and I sat in a quiet office in a CAMHS building (Children and Adult Mental Health Service for those who haven’t spent as […]

ASC/DS Meeting for Parents | 4 October 2014

   By Stuart Mills | Information Officer | Down’s Syndrome Association For the last few years we have held two meetings a year for families with a child with a dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition/Down’s Syndrome (ASC/DS). At our recent meeting there was a very good turnout with 26 parents and siblings who ensured that the […]