For Professionals : Mental Capacity Resource

The Mental Capacity Act and Code of Practice provide a common sense approach to dealing with issues of capacity. It sets out to support people in making their own decisions when they are able and to protect their interests if they can’t make decisions for themselves. The Code has lots of useful information about how to act in the best interests of someone who can’t make a decision and guidance on how to work together and so avoid disagreements and the need to resort to the law. Recent evidence from a house of Lords Committee looking at the Mental Capacity Act found that people were overwhelmingly in favour of the Act and Code but that work still needed to be done around raising awareness of what it has to say.

Download the DSA’s Mental Capacity factsheet for a brief overview of the Mental Capacity Act and the Code of Practice, and what it means for people with Down’s syndrome and those who support them. A list of resources can be found at the end.

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