For People with Down's Syndrome : Zoom Weekly Check-ins

The Down’s Syndrome Association would like to invite you to participate in our weekly check-in sessions.

We are meeting once a week, on Zoom, to share good news – whether it is news of your own or stories you have heard on the news. There will be speakers who have Down’s syndrome sharing each week.

Who are the sessions for? People who have Down’s syndrome, their support, and families.

What are the sessions about? Sharing our ideas on how to stay happy and healthy at home. Sharing our interests, hobbies and skills.

Who plans the sessions? People who have Down’s syndrome will plan their talks. The Down’s Syndrome Association will organise the meeting.

What do the sessions cost? Nothing, they are free!

When do the sessions take place? Every Thursday at 4pm. It will be a maximum of 30 minutes.

What do I need to take part? A laptop, tablet, or phone with the internet.

How do I get involved? Email: or call Robin: 07849 090503

Here is Lindsay to tell you more…



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