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Kate and her blog

Kate Powell is the editor of Down2Earth. Kate has her own blog. In her blog, Kate writes about life and all the interesting things people do. You can read it here: Down2Earth Editor’s Blog.

Would you like to write a blog post?

Kate would love to  have  more  people with Down’s syndrome write articles for her blog. You can be a guest blogger.

A guest blogger is someone who writes a blog post for a blog.

Here are some ideas you could write about:

  • My life and what I am doing
  • Hobbies and activities
  • A holiday or travelling
  • 1st day at school or college
  • Reviews of plays, books, games, TV, theatre, musicals, etc.
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Visiting interesting places
  • People from different countries
  • Where I live – do you live in your own home?
  • Courses or evening classes I do

Email your guest post blogs and ideas to

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