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Kate and her blog

Kate Powell is the editor of Down 2 Earth.  Kate has her own blog. In her blog, Kate writes about life and all the interesting things people do. You can read it here: Down 2 Earth Editor’s Blog.

Would you like to write a blog post?

Kate would love to  have  more  people with Down’s syndrome write articles for her blog. You can be a guest blogger.

A guest blogger is someone who writes a blog post for a blog.

Here are some ideas you could write about:

  • My life and what I am doing
  • Hobbies and activities
  • A holiday or travelling
  • 1st day at school or college
  • Reviews of plays, books, games, TV, theatre, musicals, etc.
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Visiting interesting places
  • People from different countries
  • Where I live – do you live in your own home?
  • Courses or evening classes I do

Email your guest post blogs and ideas to

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