For People with Down's Syndrome : Voting


person putting ballot paper in ballot box

Do you want to vote?

It’s important to have your say.

Voting can help you have your say.

Why not try to vote?

 paper with title register of voters

You have to register to vote.

You have to be over 18 to register to vote.

There is a form you must fill in.

You can register to vote online or by post

 easy read leaflet

There is Easy Read information to help you.

United Response has a website to help you.

The website is called Every Vote Counts.

The Electoral Commission has a guide about voting.

What makes a good or bad day? The Down2Earth members discuss

You can learn more about politics and voting.

Dimensions are holding workshops.

A manifesto is a document that says what a political party will do if they win the election.

United Response have published General Election 2017 Manifesto Special which covers all the major parties.

Easy Read Online have created an information sheet on what the major parties say in their manifestos.

You can find links to parties own easy read manifestos on the Mencap website here.

man holding form and support worker helping him Information for carers about getting support to vote at a polling station.

You can ask someone you know to help you.

You can learn about voting.

You can register to vote.   You can vote.

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