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Down2Earth magazine Editor Kate Powell has written her tips for travelling and using public transport safely.

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Kate Powell’s tips for travelling



I  travel on buses to my day to day activities.


I go across the road and there is a bus stop. I wait at the bus stop for my bus.


The bus timetable  will  tell  you  when the bus is  due. In London the bus stop has a code so people can use on their mobiles to find the App to see when the next bus is due.

bigger writing

I think we should have bus and train timetables made bigger for people to see them better.


If the bus is coming stick your hand  out.  When I get on the bus I show the driver my bus pass and scan and go to my seat.


I read the bus monitor to look for my stop. Make sure you know what bus stop you need to get off at. When I see my stop I press the red bell and wait till it stops then I  get off.


Listen to announcements  on buses and  trains. They can tell you about if your bus will be late and diversions.


If  you  are worried about your journey speak to the bus driver.


train doors opening

With my  mum and dad we go on trains to museums  in  London. I  do find it  hard  with  the gaps  between the train and the platform.

person supporting someone

I do ask for help from mum and dad. It  is important to have someone to help  you  always.

asking for help

You could ask the staff or stationmaster to help you off  the train. If you get lost you can ask the staff to help you.

Staying safe

personal alarm

When you are traveling alone take a personal alarm with you. That will keep you safe.

police station

You can go to speak to your local police station and they can give a personal alarm to you.


Don’t forget to take  your bus pass, money and mobile when you go out.

mobile phone

Always turn your phone on when you are out. That means people can call you if you get lost or need help. Make sure you know who to call if you need help.

Travel buddies

travel buddy

Some people have travel  buddies who travel with  you. It’s like having a friend with you when you travel. They make you less nervous. Ask your family or social worker about travel buddies.

Going somewhere new

point direction

I am happy to travel to places that I know. I  like  to be  shown the areas that I haven’t been before. I like to go a few times before I go by myself.

travel buddy

You can ask your family, staff or travel buddy to come with you.

map of local area

I have a map. A map tells you where to go if you get lost. My map has small writing. It would be nice to have a map with big writing.

person holding two thumbs up

If it’s your first time going somewhere on your own don’t be nervous. Keep going and keep practising.

More information

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The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities has an Easy Read guide to staying safe when out and about.

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