For People with Down's Syndrome : What is Having a Voice?

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Having A Voice®

The DSA runs a project called Having A Voice®.

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We have a booklet in Easy Read with more information. You can download it here.

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What is Having A Voice®?

Having A Voice® is about helping you have your say.

Having your say means being asked about what matters to you and other people listening to you.

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Why should I have my say?

Having Your Say can help you in lots of ways. It can help you feel good about yourself. It can help you make choices. It can make you feel more confident. It can help you change things.

How can I have my say?

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Down2Earth magazine

We have a magazine for and by people with Down’s syndrome called Down2Earth magazine. You can send things in for the magazine. You can send in articles, photos, pictures, recipes and lots more. Find out how to send something to the magazine: Down2Earth Magazine.

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Having A Voice® groups

You can join a Having A Voice® groupHaving A Voice® group is a group of people with Down’s syndrome who meet together to have their say.

We have Having A Voice® groups in London and the South West. But we want to have more in different parts of the country. Find out more about Having A Voice® groups.

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Easy to Read Information

We have lots of information for people with Down’s syndrome on our website.

We have information about health, money and staying safe online and lots more.

We also have Easy Read factsheets you can download and print out.

We will be making more easy to read information soon.

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We want to help people with Down’s syndrome learn more about parliament. We have Easy Read information about voting on our website. We will be doing more to help people with Down’s syndrome learn about parliament and talk to politicians, so watch this space!

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Find out more

You can email us for more information.

The email is

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You can call us for more information on 0333 1212 300

We would like to thank The Freemasons’ Grand Charity for their support of this project.

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