For People with Down's Syndrome : Swindon Stands Up and Speaks

Down's syndrome

Our group is called Swindon Stands Up and Speaks.

We held our first meeting in February.  We invited members of Swindon Youth Club and Swindon Down’s Syndrome Support Group.

We started by deciding on our group’s name: Swindon Stands Up and Speaks. Our group co-ordinator is called Cailey.

We also made some group rules to help everyone to take part and enjoy our meetings.

We made a mind map so that we can remember everything about the group.  Here are some photos of us making our mind map:

The members of the Swindon Having A Voice group work on their mind map


Then we chose some topics to talk about at our next meetings.  We want to talk about

  • stop bullying
  • family and friends
  • relationships
  • hobbies
  • health 

After our tea break, we were given certificates to show that we are part of the group. Here are photos of us all holding up our mind map and our certificates!

The group members hold up their mind map

Holding their certificates

Thank you to everyone helped us.  We will have more news soon.

Bye for now!


Here are ways to find out more about Having a Voice:

Call us on: 0333 1212 300

Email us on:

Having A Voice is supported by a donation from the freemasons-grand-charity

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