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The Down2Earth group is a group of adults with Down’s syndrome.

They help the DSA make decisions about what they do. They make sure people with Down’s syndrome have their say.

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Down2Earth is a group of adults with Down’s syndrome. We meet once a month to help the DSA and have our say.

Here are some of the things we did at our last meeting:

  • There were some new people in our meeting, so we all introduced ourselves and said hello to everyone.
  • We started by talking about hearing tests. Everyone in the group could remember having their hearing tested.  Some of the group still use hearing aids. Lots of the group knew some sign language. We talked about how it feels when you can’t hear properly.
  • After lunch we went into the Normansfield Theatre to use the microphone – this makes it much easier to hear people speaking or singing.
  • The DSA have been working with a chef, who has made some healthy recipes for us to test. Everyone took home an easy read copy of some of these to try out at home!

You can also read our blogs to see what we do at our monthly meetings.

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