For People with Down's Syndrome : Activities Easy Read Survey

woman with Down's syndrome standing in tent doorway

types of activitiesAwareness Week 2015 is about getting active and getting involved.

We want to help people with Down’s syndrome take part in activities they enjoy.

Activities are things you do for fun. They could be a sport or a hobby.



We want to find out what activities people with Down’s syndrome take part in.

We have made a survey about your activities.

survey is a list of questions asking what you think about something.





We will write a report about what people tell us about their activities.

We will show the report to politicians. We will ask them to help make it easier for   people with Down’s syndrome to get active and get involved.

If you want to help us, you can download the survey.


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Please email your finished survey to


You can also post your survey to:

Information Team

Down’s Syndrome Association

Langdon Down Centre

2a Langdon Park



TW11 9PS

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