For New Parents : Speech and Language

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1. Will I be able to breastfeed?

2. I have been told my new baby will find it hard to learn to talk, is this right?

3. What can I do to help my young baby learn to communicate?

4. My baby is five months old and I think they are ready for weaning. How do I do this?

5. My son does not like to chew. Does this matter?

6. Will signing to my baby stop her from talking?

7. When should we start to work on my child's speech? We have been told that at three years old it is too young to worry about it.

8. Will teaching our son to read help his language development?

9. Should I use symbols with my son?

10. What should we expect from Speech and Language therapy as part of our child's statement?

11. If I can only do one thing to help my child's communication, what should it be?

12. Will my child's communication ability continue to grow throughout her childhood?

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