For New Parents : Education

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Early Years

1. How do I get the right support?

2. What is available?

3. What school is best?


1. Can I have my child put in the year below their age group at school?

2. Communicating with your child’s teacher?

3. Should my child’s teacher and assistant be experienced in teaching children with Down’s syndrome?

4. My 5 year old is lashing out and kicking other children at school. What can I do about this?

5. Is my child getting the right support?

6. What are P levels?

7. What makes a good transition?

8. How do I choose the right secondary school?


1. I have been informed that my child has some challenging behaviours at school. What should I do?

2. What do I do about homework?

3. What is the Transition Plan?

Further Education

1. What happens after my child has left school?

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