For Families and Carers : Self-Talk

Woman with Down's syndrome loking up


Many of us talk to ourselves sometimes, but it seems to be quite common for people with Down’s syndrome to talk to themselves regularly. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about. People are thinking aloud, maybe talking through events of the day, working out a problem, talking themselves through a task, or even just entertaining themselves or letting off steam. As a parent of a teenager, self-talk can be useful to you in that it may provide you with information about what is going on in your child’s life. If you notice an increase in your child’s use of self-talk and/or changes to where they are doing it and what they are saying, this might indicate that something is worrying them.

Some people may indulge in a bit of fantasy and talk to themselves about their favourite TV soap or pretend that they are a character in the programme. This can be harmless and you should just be aware that this happens. Sometimes people live a little through soap operas and the line between fiction and reality can become a bit blurred. If you notice that a person is using frequent negative self-talk and/or their fantasy life is becoming overwhelming and spilling into all areas of their life, it’s a good idea to think about getting advice.  For further information about self-talk, call our Helpline on 0333 121 2300.

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