For Families and Carers : Planning for Adulthood

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Planning for Adulthood/Transition

As your son or daughter enters their teenage years, you will want to start planning with them for adult life. This certainly isn’t a one off event – you will need to revisit your plans as the young person gets older and circumstances change.

As well as informal planning and preparing for adulthood, there are also certain points when you will need to engage in a more formal planning process.

This page gives a brief summary as to what you should be doing when. You may also be interested in our factsheet on education rights for young people age 16+

This leaflet (pictured right) explains the transition meeting and contains resources to help your daughter or son have their say and to begin to plan for their future.

Age 13/14 Year 9 review
Age 16 leaving school
Age 16 making decisions
Age 16-18 Health and social care
Age 19 leaving school
Leaving college
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