For Families and Carers : New mums and dads… we want to hear your story! 

The Down’s Syndrome Association is looking for the stories of new mums and dads of babies under 18 months. We want to share the joys and the realities of caring for a new baby, and we want to be able to share your stories so that they may be helpful for others. 

We will put these stories on our website and social media, and hope that by sharing them, they will help spread awareness, provide knowledge, and be of interest to other families.  

Photos: We would love to share some of your family photographs alongside your words to make the piece more personal. You can submit photos via our online form, and you must ensure that a separate photo form is completed for each person in the photo. You can fill in the form for under 16s and there is also an Easy Read versionPlease also detail that your photos relates to this story submission. 

Examples: Here are some examples to give you an idea. 




The process: 

Please feel free to write as much as you would like...there is no word limit. We have listed some questions below that may help get you started. You do not have to answer them all and they are just here as a guide.  


  • Family: Tell us about your family life and story in general 
  • Baby: Tell us about your new baby. What is his/her name/age? What does he/she like doing? What does he/she not like doing?  
  • Siblings: Tell us how he/she gets on with their siblings 
  • Achievements: Tell us about your baby’s achievements so far and your proud moments… 
  • Challenges: Tell us about any challenges you/your baby have faced 
  • Future: Tell us about your hopes for the future and anything else you may wish to talk about 

Where to send: Please send your words in an email or a word document to:

Deadline: There is no deadline we always love hearing from people and sharing their stories! 

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