For Families and Carers : Vaccinations / Immunisations

Children with Down’s syndrome may be particularity susceptible to infections therefore it is very important they have the same immunisations as everyone else. For some children, particularly those with heart problems, additional immunisations may be recommended, for instance to protect against seasonal flu and bronchiolitis. You can discuss this with your GP, Paediatrician, Health Visitor or Practice Nurse.

Due to congenital heart disease and reduced immunity most adults with Down’s syndrome are eligible for Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccination. You can discuss this with your GP.

There is further information about immunisation in this article from DSA Journal 129 ‘Immunisation Protecting People with Down’s Syndrome Against Infection’

Please note that the immunisation schedule referred to on the last page of the article has now (as of 2019) been updated and can be found at:

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