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Healthy Living – Nutrition Factsheets

People with Down’s syndrome sometimes struggle to make healthy lifestyle choices. Having an unhealthy lifestyle can have a negative effect on their health, leading to weight gain and health problems.

The DSActive team have created some nutrition factsheets to help people with Down’s syndrome look after their health. These include an ‘easy read’ guide for people with Down’s syndrome, and a guide for parents and carers to support healthy eating choices.

You can find out more information about DSActive on their website here.

Download the guides here:

For Parents and Carers | Easy read

Health Swap: the healthy living app from the DSActive team

This App has been designed to help people with Down’s syndrome and their parents or carers to make positive changes to their lifestyle through healthier eating and activity tracking, whilst also improving their digital skills and capabilities.

Staying motivated is easier with Health Swap as the App awards you badges and points as you make positive changes to your health. Choose from many healthy home cooked meal alternatives and get expert nutritional advice and pointers by learning how to ‘Eat the Rainbow’.

Gone are the days of sifting through healthy eating recipe books and scribbling long lists of ingredients. Health Swap helps you plan for the week ahead by giving the user scroll-able ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you’ve planned your meals the App will automatically create a really useful shopping list.

The Health Swap App does not stop there, it will also give you step by step instructions on how to prepare and cook healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks.

Health Swap is designed to be really easy to use, so the only thing you’ve got to lose is weight whilst feeling great!

Download for FREE from the App Store or Google Play today: 

Health Swap App Android Health Swap App link to App store



The App is built to be really user friendly however we have also created an instructions for use PDF, which you can download here:

Health Swap Instructions for use

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