For Families and Carers : Getting Older

Life Expectancy


The average life expectancy for people with Down’s syndrome is between 50 and 60 years with small numbers reaching their 70s and beyond. Greater numbers of adults are leaving the family home and, with support, they are leading fulfilling and active lives in their communities.


People with Down’s syndrome are living longer than ever before due, in part, to improved health care. It is important, particularly as they age, that people with Down’s syndrome have an Adult Annual Health Check. It is important to know that some people may experience physical ageing and age-related health problems at an earlier stage than is seen in the general population.  For example, cataracts, osteoporosis and gum disease appear to be more common and occur earlier in people with Down’s syndrome. Further information about Adult Annual Health Checks can be found here. All adults with Down’s syndrome can join the DSA free of charge. As part of their membership, they will receive a free adult health book that can be used for their Adult Annual Health Check and at other medical appointments. You can find out more about joining the DSA here

You can download the DSA’s booklet about ageing with Down’s syndrome here

There is some information about planning for the future here

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