For Families and Carers : Communication series

These resources, co-written with a speech and language therapist, offer practical tips and activities for supporting children and young people with Down’s syndrome to develop their communication skills.

The series includes resources for supporting communication, language and speech development and can be used by families and professionals alike.

There are lots of specific activities you can use to support your child’s communication, speech and language development in this Communication Series. Most of these can be incorporated into everyday life.

For different ideas explore the resources below.

Introduction: Embed communication into everyday life
Introduction: Make communication visual
Introduction: Observe your child and respond
Introduction: Be animated
Introduction: Be repetitive
Introduction: Be on your child's physical level
Introduction: Take time
Introduction: Praise and reward
Pre language skills for babies and young children
Encouraging Communication
Early Language: Developing understanding
Early Language: Using visual support
Early Language: Developing First Words
Early Language:'All about me' personalised books
Symbolic Sounds and Early Vocabulary
Early vocabulary pictures and words
Listening cards
Nursery rhymes