For Families and Carers : Growing Up

Growing Up

Your child will develop through enjoyable opportunities for interacting, moving and playing in their first years of life. As they get older they will continue to progress in all areas, helped by early intervention, by having their hearing and any other health needs met and, later, by being educated at school.

Children with Down’s syndrome develop at different rates and in different ways – they have individual strengths, interests, talents and needs. They are helped by being socially included in their families, schools and communities. They are helped to learn new skills by being shown how to do them and by having enjoyable ways to practice. Like all children, they benefit from high expectations and support at home and at school.

More resources
The Down’s Syndrome Association in partnership with NCB Early Support Trust were involved in producing an Early Support information resource in 2012 about babies and children with Down’s syndrome.. This resource was subsequently revised and updated  to include information about young adults.  You can download the resource here: Early Support. Whilst there is a lot of very relevant information in this resource, the references to education and social care law are now out of date. If you have any questions about education and social care law/rights, please contact our Helpline 0333 1212 300.

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