For Families and Carers : Assessments – more information

From the DSA:

Making everyday decisions post 16.

Mental Capacity factsheet.

Supporting Older Families

Support organisations for carers:

Carers UK: Provides information, advice and support for carers and campaigns to improve carer’s lives.

Carers Trust: Work to improve services, support and recognition for carers. They provide information, forums, and search tools to help find local carers services.

 Other useful resources:

Health and social care law: information and draft letters for making a complaint to the local authority

NHS information on assessments

Social Care Institute for Excellence: assessment and eligibility information

Social Care Institute for Excellence: assessment and eligibility process map

The Local Government Ombudsman

Government guidance and legislation

Statutory guidance to support local authorities implement the Care Act 2014 (2017)

The Care Act (2014)

The Care and Support (Assessment) Regulations 2014

The Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2015

The Mental Capacity Act (2005)

The Mental Capacity Code of Practice (2007)


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