For Families and Carers : Housing Benefit – help with paying rent

Many people who have Down’s syndrome and are living independently in their own home may receive help with housing to contribute to their rent costs.

Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit administered by local authorities and paid to adults on a low income to help cover their rent. The payable amount depending on financial circumstances.

Universal Credit has since replaced Housing benefit for new claimants. Some people who were in receipt of the severe disability premium within their benefit (usually ESA for our members) had protection from having to claim UC housing cost. This was called the SDP gateway and meant if you received or were eligible for the severe disability premium (SDP) within your benefit (for or members this was usually income related ESA) you were still able to claim Housing Benefit.

From 27 January 2021, regulations came into force to remove the protection afforded by being in receipt of the Severe Disability Premium (SDP). From this date, no new Housing Benefit (HB) claims can be made because a person is in receipt of SDP. These claimants will now have to claim Universal Credit (UC) and be considered for a new Transitional Element, worth between £120 and £405 each month. Effectively this means that as UC increases, the transitional element will gradually decrease over time until it meets with the UC.

Support for Mortgage Interest

People claiming certain benefits used to be able to apply for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) to contribute to interest payments on a mortgage. However this has since been replaced by support for mortgage interest loans. The DWP now charges interest on the loan borrowed and this can be paid back once the property has been sold.

Disability Rights have a detailed guide regarding housing costs.

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