For Families and Carers : Extra premiums on means-tested benefits and tax credits when you claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Child Tax Credit

If you were receiving child tax credits before you made a claim for DLA, it is always worth checking your notification to see whether the disabled child element has been added to the calculation.

There are 2 rates within child tax credits

  • the disabled child rate if you receive PIP or DLA, (standard, middle or lower rate care) for your child and
  • the severely disabled child rate which is payable if your child receives the enhanced rate PIP care or HR DLA care.

Even if you have reached the 2 child limit and you do not receive any child tax credit for this child, you will receive this extra element.

Universal Credit

If you are in receipt of Universal credit, you can check whether you receive the disabled child additions, as with child tax credits , there is a lower amount for those children on standard middle or lower rate care DLA/ PIP and a higher amount for those receiving the enhanced rate PIP care or higher rate DLA care.

Again there is a 2 child limit but you will receive the disabled child addition if you have a third child who qualifies for it.


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