For Families and Carers : Extra help with costs if you are on low income – The Social Fund

The Social Fund is to help people on low incomes to meet unusual costs, such as having a baby, paying for a funeral, extra money during periods of very cold weather, or something like buying new furniture.  Some payments are grants, but in most cases, you will get a loan.

You have to be on certain means-tested benefits to qualify.  Bear in mind that you have to apply within a time limit.

  • You may get a grant when you have a child – see Sure Start Maternity Grant on GOV.UK.
  • For help with funeral expenses, see Funeral payments on GOV.UK.  A funeral payment will be paid back in full or in part out of the deceased’s estate.
  • For help during periods of cold weather, go to Cold Weather Payments on GOV.UK.

You may be able to a get a Budgeting Loan, which has to be paid back, for other costs.  Go to   Budgeting Loans on GOV.UK.

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