For Families and Carers : Disability Premiums – Employment and Support Allowance

There are still some people who moved over from incapacity benefit and on to ESA that were not asked about their financial position. Some of those people are potentially missing out on a disability premium which is currently worth £16.40 per week (2018/19).

It is always worth checking that you are in receipt of your full entitlement.  A person in the support group of ESA, (after their initial 13-week assessment phase 18/19 rates), should  be in receipt of

  • £73.10 personal allowance, plus
  • £16.40 enhanced disability premium (because they receive HR DLA care or enhanced rate PIP care or are in the support group)
  • £37.65 support component  (only applies to those placed in the support group)
  • £64.30 severe disability premium (only payable if someone is classed as living alone and no one receives carers allowance for looking after them).


The DWP have published their written statement about ESA. Many of you will already be receiving income-related ESA, some may be receiving contribution based ESA because you are better off on this, (you have savings of over £16,000 which would exclude you from receiving income-related ESA). But for those receiving contribution based ESA with no savings, this affects you.

Those transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA at that time were unaware they could be eligible for income-related ESA and consequently the extra premiums that it attracted, (which were not payable with contribution based ESA) and potentially they were losing out on around £15 a week without realising (because their payments remained the same as they were on Incapacity Benefit).

The written statement on ESA can be found here

The Department have created a special team to contact all those people who were transferred from Incapacity Benefit to Contribution based ESA rather than income based ESA between 2011-2014.

They will begin contacting all individuals affected and they aim to repay the appropriate arrears within 12 weeks. They intend to complete their review by 2019.

If you think you may be affected, you can call us (0333 1212 300). DWP will be in contact in due course.

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