For Families and Carers : Blue Badges

The Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme operates throughout England and Wales (except for parts of central London). It is run by local councils.

The Blue Badge scheme is to help people who have problems with walking to park where there are parking restrictions, for example, close to shops, public buildings, and so on.  A car displaying a Blue Badge driven by a disabled person, or with a disabled person as a passenger, can be parked in some, but not all, parking restricted areas.

The car doesn’t have to be driven by the disabled person, but they need to be in the car, uless they have just been dropped off or are being picked up.

To qualify for a Blue Badge under the age of 3, and a child must:

  • Always need bulky medical equipment, which is difficult to carry, near them, OR
  • Always need to be near a car, so that they can be treated in the car, or driven somewhere quickly for treatment.

To qualify automatically for a Blue Badge over the age of two, you must

  • Get the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, OR
  • In England, have got  8 points in the “moving around” section of PIP, or, in Scotland and Wales, have got 8 points in the “moving around” section or 12 points in the “planning and following journeys” section of PIP.

You may also qualify for a Blue Badge over the age of two, if your local council assesses you as having:

  • A “permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking”, OR
  • You drive, have a severe disability in both arms and can’t operate some or all parking meters, OR
  • In Scotland only, you are unable to walk or virtually unable to walk because of a temporary but substantial disability which is likely to last for at least a year but less than 3 years.

In our experience, children and adults with Down’s syndrome who don’t qualify automatically are often refused a Blue Badge on the grounds that the disability has to be a physical one.

To apply, contact your local council.

Has your blue badge been refused because you have moved over to PIP? (September 2017)

We have received a number of calls regarding the move to PIP and subsequent refusal of a blue badge.  PIP and the blue badge work differently than DLA and the blue badge do.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please read our article on the subject and if you still have questions please feel free to call the benefits helpline Mon and Thurs 10am-4pm or Tues and Weds 10am-12.30pm (0333 1212 300).

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