Easter Weekend | Kate’s blog

It’s been a memorable Easter over the holiday weekend. My sister and brother have visited at different times and because the weather has been nice, we were able to have lunch in the garden socially distanced of course! I was very pleased to see them. I really wanted to give them a big hug, but […]

My favourite holiday | Vinay

I want to talk about my favourite holiday which was a trip to the Canary Islands a few years ago. I remember it was so hot you wouldn’t even believe it! I love this trip I remember seeing all of the artwork and scenery. I enjoyed swimming in the sea with the fish it was […]

Spring flowers | Kate’s Blog

Hi, what a lovely day it was yesterday! The spring flowers are blooming, the tomato seedlings planted 20 days ago are doing well! there is lots of hard work to be done in the garden in the coming weeks. The grass needs cutting, the garden gate needs repairing and painting. We have sown lots!  I […]

A busy couple of weeks | Kate’s blog

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. First we celebrated Mother’s Day. My sister came to the garden and left a tray of cakes, sandwiches, chocolates and flowers. This was a lovely spread for a mother’s day tea which we enjoyed very much. My presentation for the World Down Syndrome Day celebration was […]

19 October 2021: Secondary Education: Online Training Session

9:30 to 11.00 am

This 90-minute online training session for education practitioners and parents explains how to support learners who have Down’s syndrome from 11 to 16 years of age in secondary education settings.

It will include recommendations for social inclusion and curriculum access, speech, language and communication and social development.

Please note: This webinar is live and won’t be available as a recording. 

22 June 2021: Supporting Early Development: From Birth to 4 years | Online Training Session

9.30 to 11.00 am

This 90-minute online workshop for parents and practitioners provides information about how to promote infant development through interaction, play and early learning activities, including learning strengths, speech, language and communication and education.

Please note: This webinar is live and won’t be available as a recording.