Glasgow welcomes 13th World Down Syndrome Congress

DSi/Down's Syndrome Scotland for World Congress 2018 - the Commissioners

Glasgow is getting set to host the 13th World Down Syndrome Congress, a global event attended by over 1200 families and people with Down’s syndrome, as well as health care practitioners, education professionals and experts at the forefront of research and best practice in the care and development of people with the condition. Hosted by […]

Tell It Right® Update – the DSA’s work relating to the roll-out of NIPT within NHS settings in England and Wales

In the run up to the roll out of NIPT in England, the DSA and other organisations and parent focus groups, including Down’s Syndrome Research Foundation and SOFT-UK, who support families of children with Edwards or Patau’s syndromes, have been working, within limits, with the Public Health England (PHE) Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme. In addition, Public […]