Walking the first ever Jurassic Coast Challenge

by Alexa Dizon, Head of Fundraising & Events In my 14 years working at the DSA, I’ve taken part in some pretty tough challenges but nothing compares to Saturday’s Jurassic Coast Challenge. The weather forecast all week had said that it was going to be cooler and we were expecting a cloudy day…perfect weather conditions […]

Miles’ Story

Miles is the eldest son of Tracy, one half of signing-and-singing duo Singing Hands, and here she shares his story and how their family’s journey influenced the creation of Singing Hands. To mark the launch of their new DVD we’re honoured to share their story here… Miles was born in 1999. I remember feeling very […]

A bit of a splash

A guest post by Liz of Coraline and Us Liz and Kevin are parents to Coraline who is just coming up to her first birthday. Liz writes a beautiful blog called Coraline and Us. You can also find the family on Facebook and Instagram. As Liz puts it on her About Us page, after Coraline […]