About Down's Syndrome : Ruth

Ruth smiling in her own home

My name is Ruth. I live with my friends in my own house.

I wanted to move into my own home after college. When I finished college, I stayed with my family for a few months. I wanted to move out straight away but the planning wasn’t ready yet. Then I moved into my own home.

Ruth making breakfast in the kitchen

In my house, there are lots of jobs to do. I enjoy cooking at home. My favourite meal is chicken pasta bake.

Everyone in the house and our support workers decide what we are going to cook each week. The support worker writes it down in our menu book and we make a shopping list for the week together. We then go to the shops or shop online. Our support staff help us with shopping.

woman using an iPad

It is very important to be healthy. I try to make healthy choices about what to eat, but I don’t like fruit and vegetables very much.

I need reminding to help me make healthy choices. To help me, we use healthy recipes and eat healthy meal plans.

I like living in my own house. I like living with my friends.

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