About Down's Syndrome : Robert

My name is Robert and I’m 19 years old and getting up to my 20s. I live in Exeter.

The relationships I’ve got are my dad called John, mum called Harriet, brothers called Nick and Matt, sister in law called Demelsa and niece called Milly. I do work experience at Tesco. I do work 2 days a week and my department is the fruits and vegetables. 

I do the DSActive football session with Exeter City FC and I score some amazing goals for my team.

I train with Ability Counts FC and got my first two goals at Newton Abbot and at Tavistock not getting my third goal at the moment.

I absolutely go to Exeter matches with my dad and I’m hoping to go on my own. Exeter lost again recently to the mighty Mansfield Stags. 

I play badminton with my dad. Last time I managed an awesome 3-1 win that was extremely sensational. 

I go to Haldon Forest to do three wheel tricycling, archery at a local Sports Centre, kayaking down on the River Exe and climbing too with Dave my activities instructor. 

I go on the bus to my music sessions with Alex and I sing songs like this song called Captain Underpants. I liked when I sang this verse ‘Egg salad sandwich’ and me and Alex had a good old laugh together. 

Last autumn I did a play which was titled ‘Wake up Santa’ I played one of Santa’s elves and it was a good achievement and we bowed to the audience and got a huge round of applause.

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