About Down's Syndrome : Pippa

Hi – my name is Pippa and I live in my own home.Down's syndrome

At the moment I am working a lot. I work for a charity. We design and make beautiful cards and sell them to customers.

I have a lot of hobbies. I go to a Book Club once a week. We talk about different books each time. I also like to do colouring at home and go out with my friends.


I can do laundry mostly by myself. I sort out the clothes and bring them downstairs. Then I check the labels to know how to wash things. My support worker is there to remind me what to do.

Once a week I have one to one time with my support worker. We go out and do fun things together. I love to go shopping, but I need help using money.SL15

I like spending time with friends. I love having friends round my house, or going out and visiting my friends in their houses. My support workers helps me.

Living in my own home is great fun. It makes me feel cosy.

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