About Down's Syndrome : Max

Max has sent us this awesome video of him riding his scooter and we were lucky enough to ask him some more questions about his life and hobbies…

1- How old are you? 


2- How would you describe yourself?

Fun. Good company. Someone who likes to try new things. Independent.

3- When did you get our first scooter?

When I was four years old.

4- What do you like most about riding your scooter?

I like doing tricks, like a 360. I meet some nice people at my local scooter park, which has good slopes.

5- Do you have any other hobbies?

I support Yeovil Town. I like meeting my friends and socialising. I like drinking cider. I go to concerts. Meeting new friends. Cooking.

6- What has been your best bit of 2019 so far?

Going to the Scootfest at Rush in Stroud was good. It was really good. I did some tricks and cheered when I watched the pro scooter riders.

7- Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

If you want to ride a scooter – make sure you wear shin pads, and gloves. And have confidence.


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