About Down's Syndrome : Lucinda

Last year Lucinda spent a week on a tall ship. She wrote in to tell us all about it:

Me and Laura enjoyed our week in June on the tall ship.

We left from Poole to Dieppe in France. We had a ice cream…I asked for it in French.

We sailed in The Channel, up to the Thames, back into Canary Wharf. Laura’s parents picked us up.

We absolutely loved being on the ship. The best was climbing the rigging…night watch was easy from 12am to 4pm. Happy Hour was cleaning the ship. It was a hard days work.

Olivia, Kim and Anna are the Blue Watch with me. They helped me. It was fun.

Liam was our Captain. We met him every morning for Journey Plans and Weather Updates.

I learnt how to pull the ropes and putting up sails.

We slept in hammock bunks. I didn’t like them…too un-comfy.

I recommend this holiday to anyone.

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