About Down's Syndrome : Lindsay

My name is Lindsay and I live with my mum and dad. I am 36 years old. I have one brother who lives in Manchester with his wife and two gorgeous children who I love very much. I love to spend time with them especially when we get to go out for the day. I work in my local hospital. I have worked there for 11 years in the restaurant. My hobbies are going to the gym,  going swimming, baking, knitting and helping to lead a brownie pack.

Work and volunteering 

Below you can see me at work doing one of my jobs as a kitchen assistant.  I began here on a work placement. As part of my job I get to talk to the customers, clear tables, fill the dishwasher, mop up any drips or spills and put wet floor signs out, empty the bins when needed and work as part of a team with my colleagues.

Here I am at the Chapel in my local hospital where I am a League of friends volunteer. As part of my job I help to collect people from the wards if they want to go to a Sunday service. I also help John the hospital chaplain in setting up the microphones and the altar.

I am the chief altar server at my local church. I started when I was 13 years old and now help the younger ones. I attend every Sunday and often in the week when needed. I have served when bishops have been and when our vicar is away on holiday I show the visiting vicars what to do.

Sometimes I carry a candle other times I hold the service book for the vicar. I really enjoy this job.

As part of my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award in 2007 I had to raise my own money to fund my walk up Mount Snowdon, I did this by making cakes to sell to my friends at church. I still do this now and have raised hundreds of pounds for church funds.

I love baking with my mum too. I love to make Lemon drizzle & chocolate cake.


I go to my local cycling club once a week before I go to work and I usually manage about 16 laps of the track. As you can see I ride a 3 wheeled bike because I never mastered cycling on 2 wheels when I was small, but my dad and I have a tandem and we go out when the weather is good.

Another of my hobbies is swimming I started when I was 6 years old. I went to a swimming club on a Thursday night where they taught me how to swim. I did have someone in the water with me until I got the hang of it I got to dive and jump in pick things up from underwater and sometimes my mum and dad came to watch me gain my badges. I got my long service award when I was 18.

I now belong to a Trefoil Guild which is a Guiding group for adults. In 2019 I decided to do a trefoil challenge award. This involved taking on new challenges such as-

  • Putting together a scrapbook about my life in guiding,
  • Working as part of a team on a fundraising event,
  • Keeping a diary about my holiday in France,
  • Learning to make an online blog,
  • To complete 40 hours as a volunteer in my church and local hospital.

I got my bronze voyage award in January this year.


Here I am on holiday in the Dordogne in France with my mum and dad. I started going to France when I was 3 years old and since then we have visited lots of different places including Disneyland Paris which I love.

I get to have my photo taken with the Disney characters and go on lots of rides. My favourite things are trying out all the french flavours of ice-cream and bread and pastries.

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