About Down's Syndrome : Kirsty

Meet Kirsty who is 18 years old…

How long have you been dancing for?

I have been part of Dancestars for 6 years. But mum says I have always loved dancing since I was a baby. I also was part of a drama school at the age of four and performed on stage since then.

Tell us about your dance group…

Dancestars Sheffield is my ‘Family’, we love seeing each other every week. We are great friends. We celebrate each others birthdays. Dancestars have performed in the 2017 Special Olympics Summer Games in Sheffield, Sheffield United Premiere Football Match, and various events in Sheffield. We have a few more performance coming up this year. There are 15 of us and we love dancing. It is also the only class that my sister and I can go to together. She is Melissa and is 12 years old. She is a good dancer.

We hear there may be an exciting opportunity coming up at your dance group…?

We are making a documentary with a Sheffield film maker. It is a story about the group and stories of various families in the group. I had fun filming at our class and at my house. You can watch a preview here.

Can you tell us how you got into dancing?

My mum thought I will be a good dancer and will like to perform. I have also recently started another dance group learning Street and Commercial Dancing. So I now belong to three dance groups-street, commercial and contemporary ballet

Why do you enjoy dancing?

I think I am a good dancer, I am excited and happy when I dance. I like learning new moves. It’s also good exercise.

What are your other interests?

I also love to sing and act. I also started playing the saxophone last year. I have one to one drama, acting and singing lessons. I also like to write stories about myself and I like swimming. I paint my nails a different colour every week. I love make-up and have more make up than mum. Mum has to borrow my make-up when she is going out.

What would be you message to anyone who is interested in starting dancing?

It’s fun and will make you happy – everyone can dance. Keep Dancing…

Please feel free to tell us anything else you would like…

I appeared in a Smart Energy Advert last year. It was shown on many TV channels. I have also modelled in various Fashion Shows in London, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester. You might want to follow me on Twitter @HarrowerKirsty, to see what I get up to in the future. Please also follow Dancestars on @DancestarsShef1 as we post videos and photos of us dancing.

I want to go to college next. I want to work in a hotel reception and to be a model, actor, singer and dancer. I also want a red car. I love Little Mix and Ariana Grande. I met Little Mix two years ago and been to many concerts. I also love watching The Voice, The Greatest Dancer, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent and The Next Step. My favourite Movie is Disney’s Descendants and The Greatest Showman.

Kirsty and Melissa made this video for World Down Syndrome Day 2019.

Kirsty also appeared in our ‘We Decide’ video for World Down Syndrome Day 2020. 


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