About Down's Syndrome : Katy

I am 26 – 27

I live Great Yarmouth with my parents and brother Mike

Got 3 brothers Steven and Tim and Mike

I cooking do at Great Yarmouth community trust priory centre. I to Go Ahead Club at the community centre in Great Yarmouth. I love going out to the cinema with mum. Every week do Fabba theatre group doing Dead or Alive.

I love drama cooking at home. I  do Gym weekly with dad. Once a week I go to Weatherspoon with parents brother mike and auntie and uncle. my favourite holiday I love to go to Orlando Florida. I love Easter eggs favourite holidays is Christmas and Halloween April fools day Pancake day Valentine s day nice boyfriend his name is Michael been together 20th August good couples. I love my BBQ inviting my friends my best friend Jody she goes Fabba with me and Go Ahead Club. My favourite movie is Titanic got Leonardo DiCaprio he good actor. Watch coronation street I like Shona she good actress. Best male in Cornation street Chesney good actor on Thursday do Fabba apart play as gunslingers kill bandit follow Fabba page on facebook.

By Katy

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