About Down's Syndrome : Ellen

Meet Ellen…

How old are you? 13.

Who do you live with? My Mum and Dad. I have a sister and 2 brothers but they are at university.

What do you like the best about swimming? I like keeping fit and meeting new people. When you are part of a team you are friendly with everybody in the team.

Have you won any medals for swimming? I have won quite a few medals in swimming, both in regional and national championships. The latest was last week I won a gold medal in the North East regional para-swimming for 200m Freestyle. I have 12 Mosaic Down Syndrome junior world records. I have won a local Rising Star of Sport award and North East Disability Young Achiever Sports Award.

When you are not training do you have any hobbies? Listening to music, watching YouTube, playing my Wii, cooking.

Anything else you would like to say? I really enjoy swimming I travel all over the country meeting new people. It’s also great on holiday to be able to swim in the sea and mess about with my sister and brothers in the pool. It’s a great sport to get involved with.

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