About Down's Syndrome : Dan

Dan talking

My name is Dan and I am 25. I live in my own home.

I decided for myself I wanted to live in my own home.

I live here during the week. At the weekend I go home and stay with my family.

I have a paid job. I work in catering. I wash up, prepare food and help with delivering food for buffets. I have learned how to do health and safety and different recipes. My favourite recipe at the moment is Beef Wellington. I make it by hand.

I am so pleased and happy about having a paid job. I love working in the week, I am really enjoying myself. I like being positive about things.

Dan working in the garden

In my house, I follow a rota and do my cleaning. I like to do the same routine to be organised.

I find change hard. If things change, I need a plan to feel OK about it.

I love doing sports. I play football and go swimming a lot. I also like playing snooker. It’s a very peaceful and quiet game. I want to stay healthy and be a nice, happy person.

I like living in my own house. I love my housemates – they are my friends. We get on really well. I have nice friends and nice staff. I love it here.

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