About Down's Syndrome : Ava

Ava’s mum recently got in touch with us as Ava has excitingly just featured in a Vauxhall car advert! We had the opportunity to ask Ava’s mum some questions about Ava’s life…

Tell us about Ava…
Ava is 9 and lives in Epsom Surrey with her Mummy, Daddy, big sister and big brother.

What does Ava like doing?

Ava attends a Stagecoach group with her friends from her school.

Ava is a very busy little girl. She lives an active and exciting life. Along side Stagecoach, Ava also attends Ballet, which she loves, and drama at her support group PSDS.  She also is a keen swimmer and loves to walk her dog BB.

Ava loves school so much.  She has an amazing group of friends who love and look out for her.

Tell us about Ava appearing in a car advert recently…

Ava auditioned for the Vauxhall role with her mum and cousin, Ashton, through her agent, Holly, at Happy Feet Management. Ava went in the casting room and was just brilliant. Ava chatted to the casting director and smiled at he camera – she was a natural!

We got the great news a few days later and the week after that, Ava shot the commercial.

On the day she had to sing the Nina Simone song “what it feels to be free” whilst pretending to drive with her mummy along the road. It was so exiting because we were on the back of a truck being pulled along and the cameras were all around the car.

The director was so impressed with Ava and she even blew a kiss to the camera man!!! She knows who to keep on side.

The commercial has such a lovely positive message about all people worth disabilities being able to live a full and active life. Well done Vauxhall and Ava!

What would Ava like to do for a job when she grows up?
Ava has decided, alongside opening a cafe for people with disabilities to work in, she also now wants to be an actress on the TV! Big sister Amelia is already an accomplished actress on the big screen and brother Ollie is about to star as the lead in the RSC’s new musical, The Boy in the Dress. So we think Ava has some great role models to follow…

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