About Down's Syndrome : Anna

My name is Anna. I really enjoy reading the Down 2 Earth magazine. I have too many activities, hobbies and interests. If I were to write them out it will be never ending!!  So I have decided to give you a little bit of insight into my busy life.

One of the many activities I enjoy doing is volunteering at a charity organisation called Southampton Sight. I help with their post, admin work and helping out at their Summer fair every year.

I also enjoy photography and taking photos because it is fun.

Music is a great hobby of mine as I play the piano and I have a really good piano teacher who has helped me to perform in front of people. I enjoy going to classical orchestras and musicals at the theatre.

Lastly I write stories and poems I really really love creative writing. I enjoy writing poems and writing books. I have written a short children book called the “Midnight Adventure” in one of my day centre activities. It is in the process of being put together as a book.

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