About Down's Syndrome : Alfie

Written by Alfie’s mum, Sarah.

My name is Alfie and I’m 6 years old and I just love baking. I am blessed with an extra chromosome.

I was born 6 weeks early, I clearly couldn’t wait to get out into the world and start baking.

I have a severe speech and language delay but I find making baking videos really help. They also help my maths as I can practise in a fun and no-pressure environment. Here is one of my videos:

Can you believe I actually used to be afraid of the noise the stand mixer made? I know you wouldn’t believe it now would you! Just goes to show you that in life you should always push yourself outside your comfort zones as you never know what you’re capable of achieving until you do.

I go to mainstream infants school and will be joining Year Two in September. I love swimming, water, books, music, dancing and generally just being outside.

Food-wise I love all foods, but particularly chocolate, crisps, ice cream, blueberries and obviously cake!

I love going on long walks and regularly walk two-plus miles each day.

I hope you enjoy my baking and it inspires you to get your #BakeOn #BakingWithAlfie👨🏼‍🍳

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