About Down's Syndrome : Targeted Nutritional Therapy

Our position on the use of targeted nutritional intervention in the care of children with Down’s syndrome.

It has been suggested by a small number of people that young children with Down’s syndrome may benefit from certain targeted nutritional therapy programmes.

Whilst the Down’s Syndrome Association would welcome something of proven benefit, it is concerned that some of these programmes recommend drugs that are not licensed for use in children, or in individuals with Down’s syndrome, and also include the use of nutritional supplements in doses exceeding the maximum safe doses recommended by the Chief Medical Officer in the UK.

In 2007 we supported a large-scale, ethics committee approved UK trial of antioxidant and folinic acid supplementation for child with Down’s syndrome – the results of which were published inthe British Medical Journal on 26th Feb 2008 (Vol 336/Issue 7641).

Read the final report here: Vitamins & Minerals Research

The Down’s Syndrome Association is not in a position to recommend these therapies.

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