About Down's Syndrome : Prenatal Testing

Our position on prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome.

The Down’s Syndrome Association acknowledges that the offer of prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome is a routine part of antenatal care.

Our purpose is to ensure that the prenatal testing process informs all potential parents and professionals of the joys and challenges of having a child with Down’s syndrome.

Before and during testing, easily understood and up-to-date information MUST be provided in an unbiased way by well trained professionals concerning:

  • The accuracy of tests and associated risks of further tests;
  • The life prospects of people with Down’s syndrome;
  • The impact on families;
  • The support available in the community;
  • Broad and non-directive counselling services for those who may need it.

We expect respect and support for parents making choices about antenatal tests and their outcomes – whatever they decide to do.

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