About Down's Syndrome : Health Care

The Down’s Syndrome Association believe that all people with Down’s syndrome should get the health care they need as individuals.

We continue to campaign for better health care in the UK for people with Down’s syndrome.

We are currently working together with an international team of medical experts on guidelines to support the health of people with Down’s syndrome, by creating evidence-based clinical guidelines for specific medical issues which greatly impact this population. We will campaign to have these guidelines accepted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which will then make them mandatory in the UK as well as round the world.

We are updating the information available to health professionals and have recently developed a forum specifically for health care professionals to talk to us and others with expertise in Down’s syndrome to share good practice and ask questions.

Families and carers will find lots of support and information on health and well-being online. We also have a section for GPs that contains information about health conditions that are more common in people with Down’s syndrome. You may also find our information sheet Eliciting a Case History useful.

Please refer to the following website for health care information specifically for people with Down’s syndrome – Down’s syndrome Medical Interest Group Website.

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