About Down's Syndrome : Education

Getting appropriate education choices and support for children with Down’s syndrome.

The Down’s Syndrome Association is dedicated to helping parents get access to the most appropriate education for their child with Down’s syndrome.

To achieve this, we provide information and support for parents as well as training and materials for education professionals in both mainstream and special schools. We also campaign to create and maintain the educational choices that all children with Down’s syndrome are entitled to. Parents should feel supported to make a choice of either mainstream or special school depending on the individual needs of their child.

Did you know…

  • Down’s syndrome is the most common single cause of learning disability.
  • Most children with Down’s syndrome now attend a mainstream primary school.
  • Increasingly, children included at primary school will remain with their classmates and move on to a mainstream secondary school.
  • Good quality further education provides a platform for further personal development.

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