About Down's Syndrome : Let’s Talk about Relationships and Sex training resource FAQs

Q. Can I buy this resource as a parent?

This resource is suitable for parents, carers  and professionals

Q. What age group is this suitable for?

This resource has been created for adults and is therefore suitable for those aged 18 and upwards.

Q. Can I use this resource for more than one person?

This resource can be used for more than one person.

It is recommended that when delivering this course to a group that numbers are kept small to encourage open discussions.

This resource must not be shared with others parents or organisations who will be using this for individuals other than those it was purchased for.  

Q. Is this only suitable for people with Down’s Syndrome?

This resource is suitable for all individuals with a learning disability.

Q. How many participants would you recommend for the training?

We would recommend that groups are kept small to support discussion, understanding and openness.

Q. Can I share this with my son/daughter’s college?

The resource can be shared with professionals who will be using this with your family member. This resource must only be used with the person that the resource has been purchased for.

Q. I’m using the resource and have some questions – who can I contact for support?

You can contact our information team using our national helpline number (0333 1212 300) or email us at info@down-syndrome.org.uk

Q. How often should I run sessions?

Each session can be run as often as you wish.

We would recommend not to leave large gaps between sessions as this may hinder participants from remembering what they have learnt.

You may want to run the course as weekly sessions. 

Q. How can I best prepare for the sessions?

You can prepare for the sessions by reading the trainers guide. This will give you advice and information on how to run each sessions and how to respond to questions from participants.

You can also call or email the information team for support.

Q. How much will the resource cost?

You’ll find the costs of the resource here.

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